Biegler, Friedman take alternative route to presidential office

Matthew Biegler and Amy Friedman (credit: Celia Ludwinski/Contributing Editor) Matthew Biegler and Amy Friedman (credit: Celia Ludwinski/Contributing Editor)

Senior materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering double major Matthew Biegler is running an unorthodox presidential campaign.

With his slogan, “Cat-Hat Party. Cats cannot walk, cats cannot talk,” a platform of seemingly unlikely ideas, and a colorful campaign website, Biegler is turning heads.

Biegler has a 13-step plan if he is elected into office. One of the steps involves implementing a balloon room on campus. Another step is to have a limo shuttle going from the Skibo Gym to Morewood Gardens. Only students living in Morewood would be allowed to take the limo shuttle.

“This is awful,” said Ninar Nuemah, senior electrical and computer engineering major. “It seems like he’s not taking it very seriously, and he’s mostly doing it as a joke, which is amusing but stupid.”

When asked if Biegler and his running mate, second-year architecture student Amy Friedman, were taking this election seriously, Biegler said, “We’re on the ballot.”

“I think they’re funny, but it’s kind of obnoxious also that he’s up there stealing votes. Those votes can be going to people [who need it],” said first-year physics major Sonal Nanda.

As testimony to his credentials, Biegler said that he went to a student government meeting last year and that he has good ideas.

“[Our ideas] are actually outlined in our platform and it’s on our website. We are the first candidates to have a platform and a website,” Biegler said.

Biegler also said he was a cabinet member under former student body president Jarett Adams two years ago and was on an election campaign committee last year. Due to these experiences, Biegler said he knew that a lot of money went into the Executive Board and that there was a large working budget.

“I’m hoping to utilize that [budget],” Biegler said. “I’ve felt that it may’ve been under-utilized in the past. I’m not sure. I really don’t know anything about student government.”

Biegler’s campaign website is