France oversteps no boundaries with law

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In response to the article regarding the Armenian Genocide denial law, there are a few comments that should be made.

First off, there already exists in France a law against the Holocaust Denial which serves as a direct precedence for this genocide denial bill as France accepts both genocides. So the author should argue against both the Holocaust denial law and Armenian Genocide denial law.

Second, an EU framework was established in 2007, in combating racism and xenophobia, which said as part of that framework, genocide denial should be punished in EU member states. So not only was France following up on the Holocaust denial precedence, but also, as an EU member, carrying out this framework that applies to it.

Hence, it is uncalled for the writer to characterize France’s passing of this law as “overstepping its boundaries.” So in reality, no boundary was overstepped as the law reflected precedence from a previous genocide denial law and adherence to a legal EU framework.