Reagan ideals should be candidates’ theme

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The Republican party stands for limited government. If nothing else, the party should understand that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. While all current candidates champion this cause, or claim to, no one really understands what motivates people to believe in limited government.

People came to this country to be free. Whether it was freedom from religious persecution, freedom to pursue economic endeavors, or freedom to start a new life, most immigrants who built this country came from a place that wasn’t letting them do what they wanted. Our limited government ensured that opportunity. Our small government carried the promise that, with hard work, they could secure a better future for their children.

All the benefits of limited government went to the average, working man. The wealthy benefited too, and so did the poor, but it was the ambitious, hardworking, everyman who really gained from being left alone. Everyone was able to secure a better life because our government was small, leaving our economy free and prosperous. People could earn standing on their hard work, and our economy grew, further ensuring bigger, better, and brighter futures. That’s not to say there weren’t speed bumps on the road, but on the whole, economic freedom benefited everyone.

The current candidates don’t understand how to pitch it that way. Tax cuts for the rich are seen as corrupt and out of touch with the needs of society.

They need to be seen as a reward for those who worked and achieved the dream, to incentivize people to work even harder for the promise of the American dream.

The reason why former President Ronald Reagan was so successful as a candidate was because he knew how to pitch Republican ideas that are good for this country to the working man. He got the economy rolling and created millions of jobs. He believed that the wealthy should pay more in taxes than those who aren’t wealthy. He stressed that working families should be supported by being left alone to use their money at their own discretion.

The working man will win every election, simply because the 99 percent is bigger than the 1 percent. Republican candidates need to drop the unpopular gay marriage and abortion issues and pitch real pro-growth, anti-deficit, and anti-corruption reform for the good of the 99 percent. Republicans need to pitch a limited government that lets people run their lives and their money as they see fit.