Did You Know?

100 years: Feb. 15, 1912
There is a new tardiness policy for the spring semester: All tardies to class must now be followed up with a letter to the dean explaining the nature of the lateness and asking for pardon. The Tartan jokes that Carnegie Mellon will soon turn out “the next great American novelist” due to all of the explanations students must write.

50 years: Feb. 28, 1962

A Mardi Gras-themed “masked ball” has students excited to spend Friday night in the Skibo Ballroom. Hosted by the International Club, the event will feature traditional dances from various countries followed by a floorshow hosted by the Queen of Mardi Gras, with prizes for the best costumes.

25 years: Feb. 17, 1987
Love and sex are the central themes of this week’s editorial section. One writer criticizes the lack of condom advertisements by major news networks, and another writer explores whether “true love” exists at Carnegie Mellon by asking the question, “Does Carnegie Mellon exist?”

10 years: Feb. 18, 2002

SciTech runs a review about a new piece of musical technology: the iPod. Toted as “sleek” and “unique,” The Tartan writers give the device a big thumbs up for innovation and usefulness. The iPod can store around 1,000 songs, costs around $400, and is the size of a deck of cards.

5 years: Feb. 19, 2007

A 1980 Carnegie Mellon alumnus writes a letter to the editor arguing for the Scottish terrier as the new mascot. He argues that the Scottie mascot has already been unofficially used for a while and will be more effective at selling merchandise than a highlander or piper — which the alumnus fondly refers to as “a man in a skirt.”

1 year: Feb. 14, 2011

Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams came out victorious in their weekend matches. The men took on Robert Morris University and moved to 6–2 for the season. The women’s team also achieved a victory over Slippery Rock University, moving their record to 3–1 for the season.