Did You Know?

100 years ago: Feb. 8, 1912
An advertisement for junior prom urges students to remember to buy tickets for the event. An additional column of “Junior Prom, Don’ts” follows. The list includes avoiding wearing flannel shirts, tan shoes, and baseball mustaches. Other warnings against taboo behavior include the dance moves “grizzly bear” and “turkey trot.”

50 years ago: Feb. 21, 1962
A blood drive run by the Council of Fraternity Presidents has a poor turnout. The event managed to only accumulate 35 units of blood. The Tartan sees this as an embarrassment based on the prediction of 150 pints from the drive. Students are urged to donate at the blood bank just down the street on Fifth Avenue.

25 years ago: Feb. 10, 1987
From a “Yuppie Leftist” comes a letter to the editor about how Playboy and Penthouse magazines are not pornographic, nor do they need banning. The author reminds readers that these magazines contain plenty of articles, interviews, and reviews, and says that not everyone uses these magazines inappropriately.

10 years ago: Feb. 11, 2002
The men’s basketball team pulled out an unexpected win against Brandeis University in overtime. The game started out with Brandeis domination, and a nearly empty Skibo Gymnasium. But as the game continued, the crowd grew and the team managed to come together for a victory of 76–72.

5 years: Feb. 12, 2007
Tartan writers have a lot to say about how to spend Valentine’s Day this year. From advice on how to act on a first date to the top ten things women and men never knew about each other, this issue is full of rock solid advice on how to spend this day of love. A final thought about what not to do on the special day: Hook up with an ex.

1 year: Feb. 7, 2011
A Forum article explores recent government funding cuts to Planned Parenthood. The article reminds readers that Planned Parenthood does not use government funding for abortions, but rather for providing birth control, counseling, STD testing, and a variety of other services.