Crime and Incident

Suspicious Person

Feb. 2, 2012

University Police responded to S. Craig Street for a report of a scruffy white male who was photographing people without consent. The male had been photographing people while on a public street, and there was no violation of a law. The male was gone upon officers’ arrival.

Suspicious Person

Feb. 4, 2012

Carnegie Mellon Police and EMS units responded to a men’s restroom in Porter Hall for a “man down.” Upon arrival, it was established that it was a homeless male sleeping on the floor. The male was escorted from the building, advised that Carnegie Mellon was private property, and told not to return.

Carrying a False ID

Feb. 6, 2012

A professor turned in a card holder found in Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall. An inventory of the card holder included a legitimate Carnegie Mellon ID and a fake California driver’s license. The student was contacted and admitted to obtaining the fake ID. She was issued a citation for the violation.


Feb. 7, 2012

University Police took a theft report of a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computer valued at $2,000 from a room in Doherty Hall. The ThinkPad is property of the Carnegie Mellon School of Art. This case is under investigation.

Vehicle Damage

Feb. 7, 2012

University Police responded to the parking lot near Hamerschlag Hall for a report of vehicle damage. A parking gate arm had come down on a vehicle. Parking Services also responded to the scene. Information was taken for a report.

Harassment by Communication

Feb. 7, 2012

A female student reported to University Police that she has been receiving unwanted and sexually explicit text messages from a Carnegie Mellon alumnus, after she asked him to stop. University Police contacted the male and explained that further contact would result in filing criminal charges.

Mock Crime Scenes

Feb. 8, 2012

University Police responded to several places on campus for a report of chalk outlines of bodies and evidence markers. Mock Crime Alerts were also located.

Further investigation revealed that it was an art project done by a student. Due to the alarm created by this incident to the campus community and the artist’s failure to obtain permission, discipline is pending.