Ultimate Frisbee wins two in tourney

Elizabeth Martin Dec 3, 2012

Carnegie Mellon’s Ultimate team Mr. Yuk hosted the Steel City Showdown and won two out of three games on Nov. 19.

“The home tournament was a great atmosphere. We had a nice turnout,” senior Benjamin McGrath said. “The other teams were great guests, and it was a nice final tune-up before the regular season begins in the spring semester.”

In the first game, Carnegie Mellon battled neighbor University of Pittsburgh and won in a closely contested game. The team began with a rough start, but became more disciplined soon after and tied the game at 6–6. Mr. Yuk dominated the game, defeating the University of Pittsburgh Panthers 13–9.

“Mr. Yuk has shown discipline, talent, and growth over these last few months,” said first-year B-team captain Vinay Viswanathan.

The team then played Ohio State University, and Yuk broke on the second point so that Carnegie Mellon went up 2–0. The game was soon tied at 4-all, but Mr. Yuk increased its lead to 7–4. Ohio State fought back again, but not hard enough, as Carnegie Mellon pulled out another 13–9 victory.

The next game against Ohio University did not go as well as the two others. Carnegie Mellon quickly took the lead, going up 4–2. After a key mistake by Carnegie Mellon, Ohio University took the lead and continued controlling the game.

“That was a really disappointing loss. Ohio’s a great team and top 20 in the country,” McGrath said. “So I have to give them credit, but that’s a game we have to win, we didn’t force enough turnovers, and we didn’t make life difficult for Ohio.”

The final result was not in Carnegie Mellon’s favor, as Yuk lost 12–15. The conference will continue to get harder as a result of an improving program in Cincinnati and Pennsylvania State University’s continuing effort. In the spring season, though, the Carnegie Mellon Ultimate team hopes to continue its dominance.