Boost your self-esteem

Credit: Rachel Cohen/Pillbox Editor Credit: Rachel Cohen/Pillbox Editor

Self-esteem is a double-edged sword when it comes to the fashion world. You need to have enough confidence to wear certain things, but it’s almost impossible to have self-esteem when you’re not the “right” shape or size. Below are solutions to problems for girls of a variety of body types.

My pants are too long, but the size is perfect. Help! #shortgirlproblems

Rolling the cuffs is both a practical and a stylish solution. If your pants are so long that you need the cuffs rolled more than twice, hem the pant legs. You may be shorter than most, but you deserve pants that fit.

My shirt is too long for my torso, but it’s super cute! #shortgirlproblems

Your solution is to wear crop tops: They’ll actually look like normal tops on you. Another option is to cut your normal-length tops. If you don’t trust yourself with scissors, get a friend to help you out.

My skirt is always perceived as being too short, even though it’s a normal length. What do I do? #tallgirlproblems

Wear bandage skirts: These skirts hug your body so tightly, it’ll be clear exactly how long or short they really are. Alternately, depending on your personality type, high-low skirts are wonderful for appearing modest without looking like a nun. And if two of your favorite things are long skirts and not looking like a nun, flowy maxi skirts or dresses are the way to go.

The inseam of my pants is too short. How do I fix this? #tallgirlproblems

You want taller shoes, and by taller, I don’t mean higher: The shaft of the shoe should go past your ankles, because that way, the short pants will look stylish. Other options include rolling the hem once to make the length look intentional, or just hiding the hems under tall boots.

I’m short, but not thin. In fact, I’m pretty thick. How do I find anything that fits me? #shortthickgirlproblems

It helps to know your measurements before going to a store. Also, some cuts and styles won’t look as good on you as they would on someone else; this goes for all body types. This means that you have to find what works for you and capitalize on it. The most common problem for short, thick women is that pants tend to fit in one place but not in the other. When your pants fit around the thighs but not the waist, get the waist tucked in by a tailor.

Having self-esteem with clothing stems from knowing how to do right by your body. Once you know a few tricks to keep clothes fitted (safety pins and double-sided tape, anyone?), you’ll be well on your way to being perpetually stylish, no matter what type of body you have.