Did you know?

100 years ago: Dec. 12, 1912
“Merry Christmas” wishes abound for the classes of 1912 and 1913, Carnegie Tech staff, and the women on campus. Someday, the writer hopes, these women might be recognized for their hard work. Until then, The Tartan sends the ladies best wishes in the hunt for a husband during the holidays.

50 years ago: Dec. 19, 1962
In response to campus apathy toward outward appearances, the Panhellenic Council is sponsoring a contest for all women on campus that will be judged on neatness and proper hair and makeup for different situations. The winner will be sent to the next round of a competition sponsored by Glamour magazine.

25 years ago: Nov. 24, 1987
One hundred fifty Carnegie Mellon students are arrested when two large fraternity parties are raided over the weekend. Many of the brothers from each house find the police to be unnecessarily brutal, and one tells The Tartan, “The police have been watching too much TV.”

10 years ago: Nov. 25, 2002
Students share the multitude of ways they deal with “sexiling.” Some students stick to the sock-on-the-door technique, but other students are more innovative. One pair of boys uses a secret code on the whiteboard outside their room. One girl admits to ignoring sexiling altogether, and just waits until her boyfriend’s roommate falls asleep.

5 years ago: Dec. 3, 2007
A water main break cuts through campus on Friday afternoon. Students meandering along the Cut around 1 p.m. have the chance to take pictures and videotape the water that runs from campus to Forbes Avenue. Surprisingly enough, all this water and chaos is caused by an eight-inch break in the water main.

1 year ago: Nov. 21, 2011
Carnegie Mellon is heading to China. A university press release announces that Sun Yat-sen University will begin offering master’s and doctorate degrees in electrical and computer engineering in 2013 in partnership with the Carnegie Mellon ECE department.