Obama’s promises convey character

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Fundamentally, this election is about two candidates with opposing views of how this country should be run. But it is as much about opposing characters as it is about opposing policies.

President Barack Obama has become the first sitting President to endorse marriage equality. His backing has put the issue on the Democratic party’s platform, and that’s important. This isn’t because it’s about gay rights, but because it’s about equal rights.

People say that it doesn’t really matter what promises politicians make to us during the campaign season because that’s all they are: vague promises. But fulfilling one’s promises isn’t what’s important during a campaign. The question is not of policies, but of character.

Obama’s promise for gay rights tells me that he believes in equality and that he’s willing to stand up for what he believes in, even though it’s not the convenient option. It’s important because it says that Obama is willing to see all people as humans who deserve the same rights. It makes me feel as if he would fight for me, not because he wants my vote, but because he believes it is the right thing to do.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on the other hand, would single out a group of people and make them seem lesser and not as worthy as the rest of society through measures like his Federal Marriage Amendment. I find something fundamentally wrong with doing that to any group of people for any reason.

The economy — the primary reason many people cite as to why they’re voting for Romney — is actually why I’m screaming, “Four more years.” According to The Guardian, as of Friday, there have been 25 consecutive months of job growth under Obama’s term and the unemployment rate has stayed under 8 percent for the past couple of months. Obama has a definite plan to reduce the deficit by reducing tax breaks for the rich, investing in the middle class by funding education and agriculture, and ending foreign wars.

The important thing about this is that he has a plan. Romney has failed, even while being prodded by various people, to tell us his plan. He says he’ll close loopholes and create jobs — while neglecting to specify how or which ones — and somehow find $5 billion for tax cuts and unnecessary defense spending at the same time.

I want someone who knows what they want for the country and has a proven track record of going after what they want, rather than someone who refuses to tell us or simply doesn’t know. Obama believes in this country. He’s proven for four years that he has what it takes to run it. Let’s give him another four.