Did You Know?

100 years ago: Nov. 27, 1912
Psychology professor Libbey shared his views on women during a lecture earlier in the week, explaining that women were slaves of “whim and caprice.” The only upside to the rant is the reaction of Libbey’s male students, who take offense to his ignorant remarks.

50 years ago: Dec. 5, 1962
The Women’s Dorm Council sponsors the education of Gloria Emma Villar, a 12-year-old girl living in the Philippines. While Villar’s family was already struggling to pay for her schooling, her father left after her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Each month, a member of the council writes to Villar, and her responses are posted in the Morewood Gardens elevators.

25 years ago: Nov. 10, 1987
The headline “CMU Student Found Dead” bluntly announces the death of junior statistics major Thomas “Lee” Godfrey. A jogger found his body under the Schenley Park Bridge around 8 a.m., about five hours after he had apparently jumped from the bridge.

10 years ago: Nov. 11, 2002
A new boathouse opens in the Millvale Township on the Allegheny River, and the Carnegie Mellon Rowing Club is granted access to the space for training. The facility features weight rooms, dry rowing machines, and meeting areas alongside indoor circulating water-rowing simulators.Members will use the center in addition to the team’s home bay at Washington’s Landing on Herr Island.

5 years ago: Nov. 12, 2007
The swim team competes at Grove City College and finishes with big victories for the women’s and men’s swimming and diving teams. Traditionally, Grove City’s Wolverines are one of Carnegie Mellon’s biggest swimming rivals, but with the loss of many Grove City upperclassmen, Carnegie Mellon dominates the weekend competition.

1 year ago: Nov. 7, 2011
SciTech briefs help students avoid stress. A Swedish study found that people who use transit to commute for under half an hour are less stressed than those who walk or bike to work. In the study, the group that drove or rode public transit for over 30 minutes had the most stress.