Dollar Movie

October 11

Moonrise Kingdom
8 10 12

Despite a solid body of work in the last decade, Wes Anderson’s most recent outing shows him at his most mature. Moonrise Kingdom follows Sam and Suzy, two misfit preteens on the wealthy East Coast island of New Penzance. The fable almost spins into a parable as Anderson brings in a parade of evocative biblical imagery. To complement Anderson’s trademark meticulous art design, viewers get a series of full performances from Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, and two newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward.

October 12

Code 2600
7 10

Don’t miss this very special screening. Code 2600 is a fresh-off-the-press documentary about internet connectivity and its effect on the privacy of our human experience. After successful appearances and accolades at various film festivals around the country, the film is coming to campus. Writer and director Jeremy Zerechak and Lorrie Cranor, a Carnegie Mellon associate professor of computer science and engineering and public policy, will be on hand for a panel discussion between screenings at 9 p.m.

October 13

Indie Game: The Movie
10 12

Indie Game: The Movie is another new documentary still making its way around the country. The film follows the development of the Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Braid video games. It has received plenty of glowing reviews and won the World Cinema Documentary Editing Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. This documentary is a must-see for gaming enthusiasts.

October 14

We Are Legion
6 8 10

Round out the weekend with a third exclusive screening. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists isn’t set to hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles until next Friday and won’t even be online until Oct. 30, but Carnegie Mellon students get to see a preview. The film explores the activity, identity, and effect of the anonymous internet “hacktivists.” It’s a great weekend for special showings of documentaries that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.