Did you know?

100 years ago: Oct. 31, 1912
In a classified ad, the School of Applied Science thanks the university for the building’s newly installed bathroom mirrors by publishing a poem. Another classified ad urges the purchase of individual drinking cups in the very same bathrooms to replace the shared cups they had at the time.

50 years ago: Oct. 24, 1962
An advertisement for the Carnegie Mellon Ski Club plays on the idea that most men at the school are looking for female company. Where can girls be found? Apathy toward university sports apparently plagues Carnegie Mellon throughout the ages, but the author insists that Ski Club has women and spirit.

25 years ago: Oct. 6, 1987
The hyphen between Carnegie and Mellon has been dropped, the University has a new logo, and the Tech House’s future is uncertain. Students speculate that these large-scale changes contribute to the lack of school spirit that they are constantly accused of having.

10 years ago: Oct. 7, 2002
In honor of Homecoming weekend, The Tartan asks visiting alumni from the ’50s and ’70s what has changed most from their time at Carnegie Mellon. A Margaret Morrison College home economics alumna from 1952 says, “The tuition. It was only $300 a month when I was here.” Go ahead, it’s okay to cry.

5 years ago: Oct. 8, 2007
U.S. Airways cuts the number of gates it has at the Pittsburgh International Airport from 38 to 20, dropping from 108 to 68 flights a day. It’s no wonder that the airport constantly feels abandoned. This also explains the bizarre “alternate security checkpoint” that brings passengers to an abandoned lot.

1 year ago: Oct. 10, 2011
Carnegie Mellon introduces its newest club sport: Quidditch. The team trains twice a week and joins the ranks of over 100 other teams training for the World Cup in New York City later in the year. All of this excitement takes place while the students ride broomsticks, naturally.