Ultimate Frisbee takes first place in Fall Brawl tournament

Graduate student Nipunn Koorapati about to pull the disc. (credit: Courtesy of Billy Wood) Graduate student Nipunn Koorapati about to pull the disc. (credit: Courtesy of Billy Wood)

One of Carnegie Mellon’s Ultimate Frisbee teams, Mr. Yuk, hit the road and traveled to Versailles, Oh., for the Fall Brawl tournament earlier this month. The Fall Brawl was the first tournament in which Carnegie Mellon split fully into an A team and a B team. Carnegie Mellon’s A team entered the Fall Brawl as the No. 1 seed.

Mr. Yuk faced Case Western Reserve University’s B team, Ohio Northern University, and Bluffton University, winning all three games on the first tournament day. Mr. Yuk only surrendered seven points throughout all three games and was able to play a large portion of its roster on the day.

Mr. Yuk was not seriously tested until it faced Ohio State University’s split squad team, which was largely composed of Ohio State’s A team. Mr. Yuk took a 10–5 lead, but let Ohio State crawl back to 11–10 before winning 12–10. Sophomore Reid Almand scored the final point with a nice layout grab off senior Ben McGrath.

The weather conditions on the second day of the tournament were rough, featuring 20 miles per hour winds.

Mr. Yuk had a first round bye, with their first game against Case Western Reserve’s A team. After Mr. Yuk started strong, scoring four times straight, it let Case Western come right back, losing 8–7. However, Mr. Yuk came back to win in the end with a score of 9–8.

Mr. Yuk faced a less challenging test in the semifinals against the Wright State University squad. Mr. Yuk was victorious 9–5. This game featured entirely zone defense.

In the finals, Mr. Yuk found itself facing Kenyon College in constant rain and strong winds, so the teams agreed to play to seven points. Mr. Yuk ended up breaking several times early to win 7–4.

First-year Ross Ellison was the MVP of that game: He cleared two opponents for a Callahan, meaning he caught the disc in the other team’s end-zone.

“We came to the tournament with a few goals. We wanted to get our upperclassmen back and playing together after summer break,” said electrical and computer engineering master’s student Nipunn Koorapati. “We wanted our new players to show off. And we wanted to win the tournament. I’d say we did all three.”

Mr. Yuk’s next tournament will be on Nov. 18, and will be hosted at home. The tournament will be a round robin against the University of Pittsburgh (2012 National Champions), Ohio University (2012 Nationals Qualifiers), Ohio State University, and Pennsylvania State University. The games will be played in Gesling Stadium and on the Intramural Fields.