Dollar Movie

November 1
November 2

Men in Black 3
8 10 12

Men in Black has been one of the most reliably solid science fiction franchises of the 21st century. Unafraid to use comedy as an engine rather than as a decoration, all three installments have settled comfortably into their own skins. The stories concern a secret government agency tasked with dispatching hostile, covert alien presences in America. It's an ingenious setup that has been carried out with aplomb. In this third installment, Josh Brolin joins Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Jones' character's younger self and, with the help of a slick script, gives a dynamite performance. Men in Black 3 is every bit as exciting and fresh as the original.

November 3

Men in Black
8 10 12

Men in Black is a game-changing science fiction checkpoint. Most current blockbuster sci-fi owes some genealogical debt to Men in Black. It's a smooth, clean, funny, and thrilling spectacle. We've been wading knee-deep in maudlin superhero franchises since Chris Nolan ruined Batman; Men in Black comes off as a more refreshing and tighter film than most of the current bombastic Hollywood product. It's impossible to find a sci-fi script so comfortable in comedy and so illuminated by performance.

November 4

Iron Sky
8 10 12

AB Films is dishing out a special screening of this ridiculous German-Finnish-Australian spectacle. Iron Sky shows us a 2018 where, after spending decades on the moon, the Nazis return to Earth for vengeance. You won't find this on Netflix or DVD anytime soon, so be sure to come by for this exclusive screening.