Statistically Speaking

East Coast residents have been worried by the possibility of widespread damage from Hurricane Sandy, which hit the coast on Sunday. Sandy’s projected path puts the storm right over Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Here are some facts about other storms that have hit the area:

5.95 in.: The record rainfall for a 24-hour period in Pittsburgh, measured at Pittsburgh International Airport during the fallout of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

80 mph: The speed of the winds in the 2002 thunderstorm that ripped the roof off a Kennywood ride, killing one and injuring 54.

3: TThe number of Carnegie Mellon class days cancelled for the 2010 “Snowpocalypse,” during which Pittsburgh received 21 inches of snow.

32 miles: The distance that a June 2, 1998 F1 tornado traveled through Allegheny County, injuring 50 people and causing millions of dollars in property damage.

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