Campus News in Brief

Professors given Army grant for new prosthetics research

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, a Carnegie Mellon natural sciences professor, and Christopher Bettinger, a materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering professor, have received a $1.6 million grant from the U.S. Army to research prosthetics. The researchers are working with robotic limbs that respond to signals from patients’ brains. They hope to develop materials that respond better and last longer.

“The tissue constructs are designed to make stable, long-term connections between nerves in the peripheral nervous system by mimicking the native tissue areas,” Bettinger said in a university press release.

“New techniques in polymer chemistry have allowed us to make smarter, more durable materials. We have been able to create materials with great potential in a variety of applications. It’s exciting to see if we can make something that will help those who wear prostheses,” said Matyjaszewski in the press release.

Bettinger and Matyjaszewski hope that their work will help American soldiers returning from war with amputated limbs.

Bettinger added in the press release, “It is imperative that we develop pioneering tools and devices to better help our wounded warriors recover from such traumatic injuries.”

ECE offers dual degree with Portuguese business school

Carnegie Mellon’s department of electrical and computer engineering has partnered with the University of Porto’s business school to offer a new dual-degree graduate program in business and engineering.

The program spans two years, allowing participating students to study for one year at the University of Porto in Porto, Portugal and one year at Carnegie Mellon. Students in the program will graduate with a master of science in electrical and computer engineering and a master of business administration.

Ed Schlesinger, Carnegie Mellon’s electrical and computer engineering department head, said in a university press release, “We have our first students enrolled in the new program, and we expect the initiative to grow as more companies globally seek the problem-solving, managerial, and technical skills acquired through engineering and business studies provided by this double M.S./MBA experience.”

“This new program builds on the long-standing relationship developed with the successful [Information and Communication Technology Institute], in which Carnegie Mellon has partnered with a number of leading Portuguese universities,” he said.