Last home football game opportune time for spirit

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Fellow Tartans,

Anyone who is at all familiar with our community knows that Carnegie Mellon University is a very special place. We build robots, write sonnets, sing operas, crunch numbers — and that’s just the start of it. Our interests are eclectic, and as a community we could not be more proud of this.

Carnegie Mellon students are extraordinarily passionate. Whether said passion be directed toward our sorority or fraternity, our debate team, our service group, or our residence hall, in one way or another every Carnegie Mellon student has that intense Tartan pride inside of them.

Given that our university is so diverse and our interests so varied, we’ve never been the type of student body that comes together in its entirety for the weekly Saturday football game — but there is no reason that we can’t be.

This coming Saturday marks the final home game of the Carnegie Mellon football season and we wanted to make it special. Our football players have had a tremendous season. Not only is the football team 5–3, but Will and myself have enjoyed an incredible sense of community and school spirit at all of this season’s games. For the final home game of the season, we wanted to combine the student body’s unique expression of spirit with the game day atmosphere in a competition that we are hoping will become an annual event.

It is for these reasons that we have put together the Carnegie Mellon Organization GameDay Competition. At the Saturday football game, which starts at noon at Gesling Stadium, all student organizations, residence halls, Greek houses, and sports teams will be encouraged to compete for the Carnegie Mellon Organization GameDay Cup.

The winner will be determined by three different competitive categories: attendance, creativity, and spirit. Groups will earn points for every member that shows up in their organization or Carnegie Mellon gear and checks in with our representatives at the entrance to the stands.

Attendance scores will also be categorized to reflect the size of the organization and ensure that smaller organizations are given as much of a chance at winning as larger residence halls or Greek houses. Groups can earn points for creativity by designing banners, signs, or shirts that support our football team. We will also be roaming the stands and giving points to those groups who are exemplifying school spirit through cheering and other means of support.

The winners will receive the Carnegie Mellon Organization GameDay Cup, prizes, and free catering for one of their events, provided by the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President.

You can learn more about the Carnegie Mellon Organization GameDay Competition by visiting our Facebook page, We are so excited about the potential of this event, and hope to see you all there.