Did you know?

100 years ago: Nov. 7, 1912
City of Oakland officials invite local universities to take part in the annual mile-long Halloween parade. Two-hundred and fifty Carnegie Tech students participate. Although students from the University of Pittsburgh are also invited, they never show up, and Tech students are more than happy to gloat about their superiority.

50 years ago: Oct. 31, 1962
The pledge class of each fraternity introduces cheers to the community at the Fall Dance. Beta Theta Pi steals first place with a cheer “presented in the form of a funeral procession, ending by throwing a bearcat into the fire.” But what is a bearcat, and where do I find one at Carnegie Mellon?

25 years ago: Oct. 13, 1987
A three-part “Last Lecture” series asks different faculty and administrators, “Suppose next week you were to give your Last Lecture you would ever give. And you could speak about anything you wanted. Anything. What would you choose?” I wonder if anyone talked about achieving his childhood dreams.

10 years ago: Oct. 14, 2002
Ben Folds’ highly anticipated concert has students arriving at the University Center Information Desk at 6 a.m. trying to snag one of the 700 free tickets available. The tickets are all claimed before 12:30 p.m., much to the frustration and disappointment of many students.

5 years ago: Oct. 15, 2007
Diversity among students is a main objective at Carnegie Mellon, but a news article addresses the need for a more diverse faculty as well. According to statistics from the Chronicle of Higher Education, only 13 percent of university staff is of minority status.

1 year ago: Oct. 17, 2011
Students share their best strategies for staying awake to study. The best suggestion for staying awake is from junior ECE major Robert Walzer who shares, “I slap myself in the face repeatedly.” We’ve all been there at some point.