Bagel Factory provides cheap, good food

The Bagel Factory, located on the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Craig Street, is a relatively new destination for college students weary of campus choices. In the spacious yet often bustling restaurant, students can be found wolfing down a quick meal while frantically writing a paper, while others enjoy conversation over an extended afternoon snack.

The restaurant specializes in — you guessed it — bagels, but also offers breakfast and lunch fare ranging from French toast and oatmeal to deli sandwiches and burgers. However, the first thing that hits you about the Bagel Factory isn't the food itself; it’s the portions: They're huge. Upon ordering an omelet, a diner will receive a generous helping of hash browns and the choice of buttered and toasted bagel or two slices of toast. Prices do not disappoint either; $10 will provide a large deli sandwich and a drink. Those especially taken with one of the factory's many cream cheese varieties can buy it in a small $3 tub.

Although the Bagel Factory's large portions and moderate prices make it a good deal for any college student, quality seems to not be a constant variable in the equation. The plain bagel “stuffed” with lox, red onions, capers and tomatoes is untoasted and therefore chewy and the remaining components, while well-prepared, are dwarfed by an excessive dollop of cream cheese. Similarly, the cinnamon French toast truly tastes of cinnamon and has a pleasant, crunchy texture, but because it’s overcooked, any hint of moisture is absent without the assistance of a generous dose of syrup.

The Bagel Factory's bagels aren't of New York City stature nor is the French toast a perfect replica of breakfast back home. But its food is still good, its portions large, and its extensive menu will add flair to any college student's campus diet, making a short walk down Forbes to the restaurant worthwhile.