Did you know?

100 years ago: Oct. 24, 1912
Over 500 people attend the Carnegie Tech away football game against Washington & Jefferson University over the weekend. At half-time, fans storm the field and form a giant “C” while cheering for the team. Today, we can’t even get 500 people to a home game offering free food.

50 years ago: Oct. 17, 1962
A new program from the music department supports classes for elementary through high school students. At nine years old, Emma Lou Pryor is the first scholarship recipient in the “preparatory” division for piano performance. She will take individual lessons, as well as classes in theory and voice with other participants.

25 years ago: Sept. 29, 1987
A student criticizes the lack of response to sexual assaults around campus in a fictional interaction between a police officer and brutally attacked student. The author’s closing advice is, “Lock your doors and windows and hide under your bed.”

10 years ago: Sept. 30, 2002
Students express concern and disappointment about the options for dining plans on campus. First-years wish there was an “all DineX” option, so lost meal blocks and overeating would no longer be issues. Sadly, these same problems with the meal plan exist today, which may explain why few upperclassmen utilize the meal plan.

5 years ago: Oct. 1, 2007
As if Carnegie Mellon statistics surrounding sexual activity weren’t already depressing enough, a recent study suggests there actually is a correlation between IQ and sexual activity — the higher one is, the lower the other. Looks like the slogan “Sex Kills: Come to CMU and live forever” is as accurate as we all wished it wasn’t.

1 year ago: Oct. 3, 2011
The associate dean of Dietrich College responds to an article critiquing the disjointedness of the programs in the college, arguing that the broad range of programs makes the college more interdisciplinary and supports collaboration among students.