Town Hall meeting is a good start to engage students

Student Body President Will Weiner and Vice President Meela Dudley hosted a town hall meeting, titled “Campus (Chi)Politics,” last Wednesday evening in the University Center. Posters for the event advertised that free Chipotle burritos would be given to first 100 people who attended the meeting.

Despite a lack of date, time, and location for the meeting on the promotional posters, it was well-attended, and gave students the opportunity to connect with their student government leaders.

Although Weiner and Dudley didn’t offer up concrete solutions to some of the issues raised, such as difficulties communicating with campus services and the addition of parking meters on Margaret Morrison Street, they did take notes on students’ comments and promised to follow up.

Most importantly, the town hall meeting represented a part of Weiner and Dudley’s continued engagement with the campus community.

They co-hosted a welcome-back barbecue at the beginning of the semester, have held weekly office hours, planned a U.S. Presidential Debate Watch Party for this Wednesday, and their Facebook page, “Carnegie Mellon Student Body President and Vice President,” is frequently updated with pictures and messages about events happening on campus.

Although they have yet to create a blog to keep the student body up to date on the work they do, as they had promised, Weiner and Dudley have already been a much greater presence on campus than their predecessors.

We hope to see their efforts extend beyond mere engagement and into action as the year progresses, but in the meantime, we commend their (delicious) efforts to communicate with the student body.