Did You Know

100 years: Jan. 25, 1912
A blurb reads, “It costs $2 to take your girl to the theater. Why not buy a Thistle and spend two or three evenings showing it to her.” Because the best way to get your girl “in the mood” is by showing her pictures of your classmates.

50 years: Jan. 17, 1962
The pre-payment period opens for students to drop off a tuition check early for the next semester and avoid the cashier’s line. Imagine all 8,500 students today lining up to pay for their tuition, then give a little prayer for the advent of online banking.

25 years: Jan. 27, 1987
A caption contest asks what the purpose is of the “T-like” structure outside the entrance to Hunt Library. Carnegie Mellon student Deanna Szumski quips that “it’s a sacrificial altar.” Unfortunately, Szumski was neither seen nor heard from again.

10 years: Jan. 28, 2002
Our hockey team loses 6–5 to Edinboro after the opposition “capitalized on two hospitalizing injuries” to Tartan athletes. There is zero mention of those involved in these injuries. Where are your priorities, past Tartan writers?

5 years: Jan. 29, 2007
A SciTech brief states that the Food and Drug Administration would not impose success-rate standards on birth control medications found on the market. Because that’s the last thing people look for in the birth control they purchase.

1 year: Jan. 24, 2011
A News article’s title reads “CulinArt pushes new green water options.” Really? Was that the best way to introduce a new health initiative? The first image in my head was something quite disgusting.