Initiatives by Student Senate are underway

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Student Senate is facing an exciting semester that presents a great opportunity to establish more presence on campus. In the past we have often been criticized for our lack of publicity, and rightly so. We are now attempting to take large steps to change this, one being the launch of This site contains short updates from our meetings, information about our initiatives, and news on university policy changes to help you know what we are up to. In addition, we will be tabling more frequently throughout the semester — look for us this Friday where we will be handing out hot chocolate and collecting feedback.

We are busy working on several projects, including investigating how effectively the University Center’s space is being used — specifically in the game room, where we are looking to make significant upgrades and additions. We will also be piloting a table-sharing program in crowded dining areas, expanding the number of courses with reserve textbooks, and working to ensure that all students are able to choose their Interpretation and Argument course topic.

Of course there are many more projects in progress, which you can find out about at our meetings or by visiting

Finally, Senate will be working with all branches of student government to fight the proposed route cuts by the Port Authority. I serve on the Pittsburgh Student Government Council (PSGC), which is made of representatives from all student governments in Pittsburgh. It has a tremendous amount of political power, as we successfully fought against the tuition tax of 2009–10 and other proposed cuts last year. I will work to combine the voices of our campus and the PSGC to make sure we don’t lose the bus services that are vital to student life at Carnegie Mellon. To do this, I will need your help. Resources will soon be available on our site to allow you to contact your representative and demand that the current and necessary bus routes remain.

Our projects and our advocacy cannot be successful if we don’t hear from you. I encourage you to email student-senate@ with initiatives and feedback.