Did You Know

100 years: Jan. 4, 1912
An editorial mocks a University of Chicago professor’s theories about what could happen on Mars’ moon Phobus. One man could play an entire game of baseball on his own because of Mars’ gravitational effects: A batter could hit a ball and have time to don a mitt and catch the ball before it falls to the ground.

50 years: Jan. 10, 1962
Students eligible to overload for the spring semester are encouraged to register for a new six-unit course being offered at Carnegie Tech. The course, titled Introduction to Engineering, focuses on the connection between science and engineering. The course is designed around broad themes such as experiment design.

25 years: Jan. 13, 1987
Current Governor Dick Thornburgh issues an order that calls for the sale of Pennsylvania’s liquor industry from the state-owned system to the private sector. Students at Carnegie Mellon agree that allowing the liquor industry to be owned by private businesses will not decrease the state’s tax revenue.

10 years: Jan. 21, 2002
A poll conducted by the Food Committee of the Student Dormitory Council reveals that over 73 percent of participants on the meal plan are dissatisfied with their plans, and 88 percent of the upperclassmen polled were not on any plan. In response, dining considers trying Schatz out as a buffet style, all-you-can-eat restaurant to appease students.

5 years: Jan. 22, 2007
The 15th largest public transportation network in the country, the Port Authority of Allegheny County, proposes budget cuts that will mean big changes for how Carnegie Mellon students navigate the city. One of the proposed routes to be removed is the 28X, the bus that brings Carnegie Mellon students to and from the Pittsburgh International Airport.

1 year: Jan. 17, 2011
Smallman Street Deli is a local restaurant, down the street from Pamela’s in Squirrel Hill, known for its breakfast specials. Smallman’s is suggested over Pamela’s for breakfast because there is rarely a wait to get a table and students receive a 10 percent discount on any menu items.