Student body VP provides updates

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Many of you are probably wondering where we have been and what we have been up to, since there has been minimal product to show our progress from this past semester. For better or for worse, many of the initiatives we had hoped to complete ended up being major projects for other organizations and groups. This is great for the campus community but has made it difficult for us to figure out where to go next.

Our first priority was to revamp Parents and Family Weekend, but a month later we heard about the plans for Cèilidh Weekend. As your student body representatives, we made our best efforts to attend events and help out in every way possible. Our next mission was the shuttle system, and then we found out it was completely restructured over the summer. We are currently looking into the changes that were made and are collecting data to determine how successful they were.
Most recently, our focus was on the creation of a centralized events calendar for student organization events.

After hours in meetings with students in Senate, staff in Student Activities, and potential programmers, we came up with the ideal model for a central calendar. Just as we were about to make progress we faced another halt.

The Student Activities office has been searching for a potential new software system to replace the current OrgTracker and BudgetTracker. In their search, they came across a new system with a feature that serves as a central events calendar. Since the Student Activities office is still unsure whether it will be moving forward with this new program, we have decided to pause our process and not hire anyone to work on our calendar.

We should be finding out in a few weeks if Student Activities plans to move forward with this new software, and if it does not, we will keep moving forward with our original idea in hopes of launching it in the latter half of this semester.