Did you know?

100 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 28, 1911

Among other job postings for math instructors, metallurgists, engineers, and lab chemists, a “Full-Time Employment” column in The Tartan advertises for an office boy to do typing and other errands. Salary: $6 a week. That amount actually sounds pretty good in the current economy.

50 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 27, 1961

The “Man of the Year” winner at the Sigma Nu fraternity’s national convention is a dean’s-list scholar in the math department, the Executive Council president for student government, and a top quarterback on the Tartans’ football team. It doesn’t say so, but he can probably bend steel beams and charm his girlfriend’s parents over dinner too.

25 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 23, 1986

Students sound off on Carnegie Mellon’s new logo, featuring a square tipped 14 degrees from vertical and the loss of the word “University.” Complainers fault the new design for being “too contemporary” and “too mainstream ’80s.” If fashion is truly cyclical, then we’d better get ready to tip our heads to the left again soon.

10 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 24, 2001

Citing the university’s state-of-the-art wireless network and its “integration of the Net into all aspects of campus life,” Yahoo! Internet Life magazine names Carnegie Mellon the most wired college in the nation for the second year in a row. The title means that, somehow, judges were able to look at the old Hub and Carnegie Mellon homepages without running away screaming.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- Sept. 25, 2006

The TOC and BOC job fairs are back on campus, pitting Carnegie Mellon students against the odds — and each other — for coveted internship and full-time positions. “Signing bonuses, expense accounts, and corporate jets are nice,” cautions The Tartan’s editorial board, “but honesty, consideration, and integrity are far more valuable.”

ONE YEAR AGO -- Sept. 27, 2010

The men’s soccer team moves to 8–0 after a last-minute win over Grove City College. The perfect streak is the team’s best start to a season in eight years, earning it a No. 3 national ranking. The Tartans finished the year 11–4 with one tied game.