Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO — Sept. 28, 1911

The Tartan publishes the “Anti-Magee Republican County Ticket,” a guide to the exact candidates for whom readers should vote in the upcoming election. It even advises students to “take this in the booth with you” — because obviously Carnegie students can’t be trusted to decide for themselves.

50 YEARS AGO — Sept. 20, 1961

Writer Paul Carnahan introduces a new column, “Motivation of the Interviewer.” He hopes that by interviewing professional men, “this column will aid in the direct purpose of Carnegie education; that is, the education of the whole man.” Sorry, ladies, but clearly your education isn’t important here.

25 YEARS AGO — Sept. 16, 1986

A Tartan comic shows an administrator announcing the Carnegie Space Program, saying the school is preparing “to voyage into that dark abysmal expanse.” Meanwhile, in the following frame, a lost soul in Hamerschlag Hall shouts, “Just how many #!@*?! basements are in this place?” Good to see that some things are still relevant 25 years later.

10 YEARS AGO — Sept. 17, 2001

Kristen Lala, a self-described Greyhound connoisseur, provides a highly detailed account of her recent trip via Greyhound bus from Pittsburgh to State College. The journey, which is only 136 miles, managed to take up over six hours of her day. Too bad they didn’t have a Megabus back then for her to take instead.

FIVE YEARS AGO — Sept. 18, 2006

Students voice their concerns about recent changes to Facebook and worry that, because access to the site is no longer restricted, it will lose its novelty. Despite their fears, Facebook is still going strong — apparently, the friend requests they got from their moms didn’t deter users as much as initially predicted.

ONE YEAR AGO — Sept. 20, 2010

Ph.D. student Hannah Knight launches the Carnegie Mellon 2010 Robot Census, the first such effort to document all robots on campus. Her last-reported count was nearly 600 robots. Thankfully, they’re still vastly outnumbered by students, so we should still be able to protect ourselves should the robot revolution occur anytime soon.