Dollar movie

September 15

It's Kind of a Funny Story
8 10 12
Keir Gilchrist and Emma Roberts star in this dark comedy about love and mental illness. Based on the novel by Ned Vizzini, It’s Kind of a Funny Story follows Craig (Gilchrist), an over-stressed teen who checks himself into a mental hospital after contemplating suicide. While there, he befriends fellow patients Noelle (Roberts) and Bobby (Zack Galifianakis) and learns about how to deal with some of the pressures in his life with the help of family and friends.

September 16

The Cambridge Footlights
8 10:30
In lieu of a movie, go see the world-famous comedy troupe Cambridge Footlights, perform in McConomy as part of its international tour for Pretty Little Panic. The Cambridge University-based group, whose performance is being presented by Scotch’n’Soda, has started the career of many a British actor, including Hugh Laurie, Sascha Baron Cohen, Emma Thompson, and Stephen Fry. Don’t miss the group that The Independent has called “the most renowned sketch troupe of them all.”

September 17

My Dinner With Andre
7:30 10 12:30
My Dinner With Andre is essentially about what the title suggests: Wallace Shawn — best known as Vizzini in The Princess Bride — and Andre Gregory, each of whom is supposedly playing himself, have a fancy dinner together. Throughout the dinner, the actor/playwright and theater director share stories about their lives and influence each other’s perspectives. Shawn and Gregory co-wrote the film, which was directed by French director Louis Malle.

September 18

Suspect Zero
8 10 12
Before Dexter decided to take justice into his own hands, there was Suspect Zero, a movie about a serial killer who only targets other serial killers. Aaron Eckhart plays FBI agent Thomas Mackelway, who becomes obsessed with the murders and is haunted by his past mistakes as an agent. Fun fact: Eckhart also played main character Nick Naylor in Thank You For Smoking, for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination.