Did you know?

100 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 28, 1911

A column addressed to first-year students advises them to not embarrass the school. “If you cannot afford to clothe yourselves properly, you can at least make liberal use of the clothes brush and the thread and needle. Wash your face at least once a day, and take a bath at least once a week.” Was the Class of 1915 that smelly?

50 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 20, 1961

The sports page summarizes varsity results from the previous year and looks forward to the upcoming athletic season. The 1960–61 year seems to have been one of rebuilding, as the swimming and golf teams were the only ones at Carnegie Tech to post winning records. Despite past scores, enthusiasm for all teams in the new year is running high.

25 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 9, 1986

A Tartan columnist reacts to a recent terrorist attack against the United States by deploring the country’s passive response. “The U.S. cleans up after the atrocity, but does not attempt to punish those responsible.... Instead of reinforcing terrorism, the U.S. could destroy it by active retaliation.” Perhaps George W. Bush took his advice.

10 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 10, 2001

Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon outlines a new plan for a building on the edge of Panther Hollow to temporarily house high-tech corporate offices. That much sounds familiar to today’s students. More unexpected are the plans for the building to contain a full bookstore and be turned back over for academic use after five years.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- Sept. 11, 2006

The Sept. 1 death of Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O’Connor leaves 26-year-old Luke Ravenstahl at the city’s helm. Financial matters assailed the new mayor right from the beginning, in the form of the imminently due 2007 city budget. At least the tuition tax proposal is still a few years off.

ONE YEAR AGO -- Sept. 13, 2010

Researchers at Northwestern University inadvertently discovered that inexpensive nanostructures could be created from sugar, salt, and 190-proof Everclear. They also inadvertently created a great excuse for lab techs caught red-handed: Those bottles are for ... uh, research.