Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 28, 1911

The sophomore class defeated the first-years in the annual “class contest.” Events included wrestling matches, a relay race, tug-of-war, an “Indian ball event,” and a “push ball contest.” Just try explaining the events at House Wars in another 100 years.

50 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 20, 1961

Among many other summer changes to the Carnegie Tech campus, The Tartan reports on the construction of a new women’s dorm on Forbes Street (today’s Morewood E Tower), the extension of the CFA Lawn (the planned site of all future graduations), and the planting of the garden adjacent to the new Hunt Library.

25 YEARS AGO -- Sept. 10, 1986

“Every place must have its downfalls,” opines a Tartan staffwriter, using Hamerschlag House as a case in point for Carnegie Mellon. According to the author, ’Schlag’s cinder-block walls, angular rooms, and ambient smells earn it the title of “the armpit of the school.” On the bright side, “If it wasn’t for armpits, where would you put your deodorant?”

10 YEARS AGO -- Aug. 27, 2001

The outlook for the 2001 Tartan football team is “generally optimistic,” following a rebuilding period with a host of new starters the year before. Still, the previous year’s 6–4 record, though Carnegie Mellon’s worst since 1988, is nothing to sneeze at.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- Aug. 28, 2006

Researchers in the Robotics Institute unveil Ballbot, a mobile robot that gets around by balancing on a sphere instead of using legs or wheels. Though novel, the creation — lacking a head, arms, and sufficient motors — was not yet ready to “serve a particular purpose to the public.” We still haven’t seen Ballbot at the circus, either.

ONE YEAR AGO -- Aug. 23, 2010

A News article describes Dozen Bake Shop’s move from Squirrel Hill to Craig Street, a more central location for the cupcakery’s student-heavy customer base. Not heavy enough, apparently: The last two Dozen locations closed in July.