About this issue

On behalf of The Tartan, we’re excited to welcome you, the Class of 2015+, to your first week at Carnegie Mellon.

In this special Orientation issue, we have included articles to answer some of your questions and to add to your understanding of what makes this university the unique place it is. There is no denying that Carnegie Mellon is unlike any other university, and the content of this issue — which explores campus traditions, cutting-edge research, athletic achievements, and much more — is intended to help first-years grasp what it truly means to be a Tartan.

Every year we publish an Orientation issue hoping that it will provide additional guidance to first-years in their first weeks of school, so encourage your fellow classmates to pick up a copy and have a read.

For many of you, this will be your first time reading The Tartan, which has been Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper since 1906. We publish weekly on Mondays, and our standard sections are News, Science and Technology, Forum (the opinion section), Sports, Pillbox (the arts and leisure section), and Comics. If you want to stay up to date with campus news throughout the week, follow us online through Facebook or Twitter, or check our website at

We hope that you will all become regular readers of The Tartan, but more than that, we hope you will join us. No matter your major or skills, we welcome you. Among our editorial staff members are undergraduates and graduate students, students from every college at this university. Some of them seek careers in journalism or are trying to build their résumés, but more stay involved because they love our organization. Whether you are interested in writing or editing, photography or art, marketing or business, visual design or Web development, The Tartan has a place for you among its staff.

Our reporters have attended international summits and spoken with inspirational figures from Bill Gates to Bill Cosby. They have been given press access to local concerts, galleries, and lecture series. Beyond that, however, they are inspired by the extraordinary stories that come out of Carnegie Mellon every day.

Those of us who have already become members of the “Tartan family” can attest to how much our involvement in the university’s student newspaper has changed our college experiences for the better. Not only are we given the weekly opportunity to show the public and the college community the tremendous things that Carnegie Mellon students and the university itself are doing on a daily basis, but we are also able to provide a student perspective to the administration on the school and its various functions.

Therefore, as you, the future of this university, join the Carnegie Mellon family, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to discover an outlet for your opinions and creativity and to join our tight-knit family.