Brunch locations abound in the 'Burgh

Many students get a well-deserved break during Spring Carnival, using the days off to take life slightly slower. Some have parents and friends visiting Pittsburgh to participate in the fun. For most students, getting parents and friends to visit means getting to drive in a car around Pittsburgh, rather than just taking the bus. When students aren’t restricted to the Port Authority routes, they can see how livable Pittsburgh can truly be.

One way to bond with your visitors during Carnival and experience the great food Pittsburgh has to offer is by going out for brunch. Brunch is about taking the comfort of breakfast and magnifying its satisfaction.

Pamela’s Diner

We cannot talk breakfast food without talking about Pamela’s Diner, the local Pittsburgh favorite. With locations in Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside, among others, Pamela’s has the hearts of many a college student. Their famous hot cakes have the chewiness of pancake and the salty crisp you yearn for.

3703 Forbes Ave.
(412) 683-4066

Dor-Stop Restaurant

Dor-Stop Restaurant is Pamela’s without all the grease. It has pumpkin pancakes, as featured on Guy Fieri’s show Diner Drive-ins and Dive, and any variety of griddle cake you can dream of. One particularly good dish is the German potato pancakes with apple sauce; it provides the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.

The greatest challenge is actually traveling to Dor-Stop. Technically in Dormont, not Pittsburgh, Dor-Stop is approximately a 15-minute drive from Carnegie Mellon. You can catch the 61D on Forbes Avenue and change for the Red Line T downtown, but for the first meal of the day, you might not be able to last that long of a trip.

1430 Potomac Ave.
(412) 561-9320


E2 (ESquared), an outpost of the Enrico Biscotti Company, is located in Highland Park. Highland Park may take a while to get to via public transportation; it therefore might be best to take a trip to E2 while you have parents or friends visiting with a car. The restaurant offers Italian-inspired breakfast, dressed up on pretty plates. The well-lit café is a great place for sitting and chatting before you head next door to Food Glorious Food to buy baked goods for an afternoon snack.

5904 Bryant St.
(412) 441-1200

Coca Café

Lawrenceville is becoming a food spot, and Coca Café is the brunch place worth taking the bus to. The decor is a bit more feminine than E2, and with lines for the weekend, it’s a bustling, busy place. The omelets are more gourmet than one would find at Pamela’s or Dor-Stop, and the cafe’s French toast options are sure to impress.

3811 Butler St.
(412) 621-3171

**Point Brugge Café **

Point Brugge is the prettiest brunch location of them all. This restaurant, styled off cozy European corner cafés, is located half a mile from Bakery Square and has a constant waiting line. The café offers Sunday brunch, but does not take reservations. With steak and fries, waffles, and many other staple brunch foods, it will make you like Pittsburgh a little more.

401 Hastings St.
(412) 441-3334