Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO -- April 26, 1911

Andrew Carnegie himself is to be greeted in Pittsburgh this week with a reception in his honor. In its proposed program for the event, The Tartan indicates that the “Locomotive Spelling Cheer” will be given at 8:30 p.m., followed by the student audience singing at 8:35 p.m. That train of thought may be missing its caboose.

50 YEARS AGO -- April 26, 1961

The Tartan’s editorial board chastises those students who ignore the events of Carnival to focus purely on academic affairs. Instead of studying throughout the weekend, the board urges students to take advantage of this unique social event.

25 YEARS AGO -- April 22, 1986

A Student Senate investigation analyzes the dangers of intersections near campus. Five incidents of cars hitting pedestrians were reported in the 1985 calendar year. The article notes that the campus master plan calls for a skyway crosswalk over Forbes Avenue at Morewood Avenue.

10 YEARS AGO -- April 23, 2001

A Forum writer complains about the lack of high-speed Internet access in the Pittsburgh region. The crowds of Pittsburghers trying to convince Google to start its high-speed fiber project here don’t know how good they have it.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- May 1, 2006

The ‘O’ announces the closure of its University Center location. At the same time, Hunt Library and Dining Services announce the fall opening of the library’s Maggie Murph Café. Late-night baskets of ‘O’ fries swapped for late-night coffee breaks in the library? Well, at least the students back then didn’t have flashing library lights to deal with.

ONE YEAR AGO -- April 26, 2010

Senior thrower James Hulley is named a National Strength and Conditioning Association Athlete of the Year. The article announcing the recognition states that Hulley is looking forward to a break from “eight years of intense bouts of exercise.” That makes it sound sort of like a chronic disease.