Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO -- April 19, 1911

The Tartan, waiting for office space in the “projected new administration building” (now Baker Hall), announces it will be headquartered in the Applied Science School’s committee room. The editors thank a Mr. Orbin for furnishing the room with a desk for the paper’s editorial board. Such luxury!

50 YEARS AGO -- April 19, 1961

The Tartan announces that Alpha Phi Omega will hold two contests on the Cut in the next week: the election for Spring Carnival Queen, and the annual “Ugliest Man on Campus” competition. The Tartan expected there would be “a striking contrast between the two groups.” We plead no contest with that statement.

25 YEARS AGO -- April 22, 1986

Three Alpha Tau Omega brothers suffered burns during Sweepstakes when a chemical they were using to treat their buggy’s wheels leaked onto a radio and caught fire. The brothers were actually injured while carrying the buggy out of the team’s truck and freeing the driver, who was trapped inside. As if this sport needed any additional danger.

10 YEARS AGO -- April 16, 2001

The Entropy convenience store is in the news this week for selling cigarettes, an option at Carnegie Mellon that is almost unheard of at peer institutions. Administrators say they are willing to have a dialogue on the issue — little knowing, presumably, that most of the campus would be a no-smoking zone a decade later.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- April 24, 2006

Following the controversy surrounding “Walking to the Sky,” the university installs a much smaller piece of public art, a statue of Mao Yisheng. The eight-foot work in bronze represents Carnegie Tech’s first Ph.D. graduate. Obviously, our next piece of art should be a 100-foot colossus of Andrew Carnegie “Walking to Skibo.”

ONE YEAR AGO -- April 19, 2010

A SciTech article discusses a study in which children with Williams Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder, showed no racial prejudices when assigning positive or negative features to pictures of people. That means they’re already doing better in life than this year’s Carnival comedian.