Athlete Profile: Ian Bangor shows lifelong golf passion

Credit: Alex Webster/Photo Staff Credit: Alex Webster/Photo Staff

Business administration major and Pittsburgh native Ian Bangor has been a consistently strong player on the Carnegie Mellon men’s golf team this year.

As one of only four first-years, Bangor has made a significant impact on the team, and learned a good amount from the sport as well.

Beginning the sport at the age of six, Bangor was influenced to play by his father, a Carnegie Mellon golf team alumnus. Having his father there from the start, he was able to learn the fundamentals of golf at a young age. Since then, Bangor has taken lessons from PGA professionals and has kept up his game by playing against his father in his spare time for fun.
He has been devoting his summers to numerous golf tournaments, ranging from Pittsburgh-area courses to traveling to various states across the country.

Choosing to play at Carnegie Mellon because of the good team dynamics, Bangor finds himself interacting with the golfers daily. “We have team dinners during trips, and team workouts in the winter. We hang out a lot as a team,” he said. Using this team dynamic in a positive way, Bangor keeps himself going during moments of poor play by focusing on the feeling of accomplishment when he plays well. “Being such a mental sport, you get into streaks of bad play sometimes. But when you do play well, there are very few things that are more rewarding,” Bangor said.

Bangor sees himself playing golf for the rest of his life, and knows that it is something he will always be passionate about.

He describes it as something besides school that he is really driven to do. Having played the sport for over 10 years now, Bangor has learned numerous lessons, involving golf as well as general life occurrences. Bangor said, “Even when things seem like they’re at their worst, you just have to keep going and find something to keep you going.”