Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO -- March 29, 1911

A small column thanks The Tartan’s “unknown benefactor,” who deposited a penny into the newspaper’s mailbox in the Science Building. “Mr. Ormston of Oil City” was initially suspected, but then indignantly cleared himself of the crime. Overall, it doesn’t exactly sound like a successful fundraiser.

50 YEARS AGO -- March 29, 1961

The Tartan asks students if booths should be part of the upcoming Spring Carnival. It’s not surprising that all of the answers were resoundingly in favor, but we do wonder what past upheaval caused one respondent to call Booth a “tradition which is slowly being choked to death in the name of progress.”

25 YEARS AGO -- April 1, 1986

Morewood Gardens burning to the ground is the lead article in The Natrat, The Tartan’s annual April Fools issue. Apparently, the fire spread via a confusing chain of candles, a typewriter, a Cabbage Patch doll, a garbage can, and an exploding dryer. Hang on a minute — a typewriter?

10 YEARS AGO -- April 9, 2001

In student government elections, the winning candidates for student body president and vice president collect 321 votes. The tally is considered high amid “increased ... election hype and voter turnout.” It wouldn’t be so bad these days either.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- March 27, 2006

Around 2,000 anti-war activists march from East Liberty to Oakland to protest the war in Iraq’s third anniversary. A student marcher refers to the military action as “the long war.” With the Iraq war still on five years later, he’d have to call it “the extra-super-double-plus-long war” now.

ONE YEAR AGO -- March 29, 2010

A referendum on stipends for student executives heads to a vote next week. The proposal comes from Student Body President Rotimi Abimbola, citing an “endless” to-do list of meetings and decisions. By that metric, we all ought to be getting salaries.