Students mourn Jee Choi

Choi (middle) with his friends. (credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Feeney) Choi (middle) with his friends. (credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Feeney)

Jee-Hoon Choi, a senior in the School of Art, died in a car accident early Friday morning while he and a group of friends were driving to Florida.

The group he was traveling with included nine Carnegie Mellon students, five of whom were in the same vehicle as Choi. They are currently receiving appropriate care in Florida. Two staff members from the Office of Student Affairs traveled to Florida to support the students and their family members.

Gina Casalegno, dean of Student Affairs, issued the official communications report about Choi’s death, stating that all official memorial plans and events for Choi will be communicated to students.

“Jee was a tremendous person. He was the type of person who would walk into a room and instantly light it up,” said Rebecca Feeney, a senior art major, via e-mail. “He was a friend to everyone he met; a truly gifted artist and a beloved brother and son.”

Tonight, friends of Choi will be gathering to paint the Fence in his memory, as well as write letters of support to his family.