Dollar Movie

February 10

Serenity Thursday, Feb. 10 7:30 10 12:30 A space Western movie based on a popular sci-fi series that was cancelled after just one season? And it was created by Joss Whedon? Count me in. Serenity is the story of a space captain and his ship filled with a wild cast of characters. They live out lives of petty crime until it is discovered that there’s a mysterious passenger aboard their ship. The film picks up right where Firefly left off, in case you followed it during its short-lived tenure on FOX. Fun fact: Despite being critically acclaimed and despite having a cult following from the show, Serenity fell just short of making back its budget.

February 11

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Friday, Feb. 11 8 10 12 When you come across two hillbillies at a cabin in the woods, isn’t your first thought that they are deranged, chainsaw-wielding murderers? Well, that’s what a group of preppy college kids thought in this flick — and it turned out they were actually dead wrong. In Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, we follow two lovable hillbillies (Tucker and Dale) who only want to enjoy a nice quiet time in the woods fishing and drinking beer. That ends when the aforementioned college kids show up and ruin it all in hilarious, and deadly, fashion. Go see this laugh-a-minute spoof on backwoods-slasher flicks and you won’t be disappointed.

February 12

New York, I Love You Saturday, Feb. 12 8 10 12 New York, I Love You is a bit like Love Actually. It’s an anthology film, made up of 10 segments that tell a story about the quirks that come along with finding true love. An ensemble cast stars Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper, and James Caan, with many other recognizable faces making an appearance. Each segment was directed by a different person, making for a distinct vision in each scene. Fun fact: One segment that was cut from the final release was directed by Scarlett Johansson and was apparently very bad, according to a New York Post reviewer.

February 13

Catfish Sunday, Feb. 13 8 10 12 This 2010 documentary follows a young photographer living in New York as he builds a relationship with a woman almost entirely through Facebook. Drama ensues, however, when things turn out to be not quite what they seem in this gripping documentary that almost seems too perfect to be true. Fun fact: Many people who first viewed the film, including comedian Zach Galiafinakis and Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock, called it one of the best fake documentaries they’d ever seen. However, the men who made Catfish stand by their claim that it’s “100 percent true.” You can be the judge of that by going to see this well-made movie.