Intramural Update New IM sport ready to be unveiled at CMU

This week is the final week of regular intramural basketball before the playoffs, so competition is getting fierce as teams are gearing up for those games. The goal is that every team with a winning record in its division will make the playoffs, and those teams will duke it out for the championship title.

Squash and badminton are in their second-to-last week, so be sure to catch the playoff games as the players head to championships.

Also, get ready for indoor soccer, tennis doubles, and softball, which are all starting the week after spring break.

Finally, watch out for the newest intramural sport on campus, as yet unnamed. This particular sport offers a fun opportunity for participants to compete as a co-rec team (male and female players). It’s also a unique way for students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of Carnegie Mellon’s outstanding aquatics facility. It’s going to make a big splash on campus. The sport’s name has not been announced yet, but signs have appeared around campus, and there will be new clues this week.

“I’m extremely excited to add a new sport to our list of activities this spring,” said Todd Jackson, the director of intramurals.

Keep an eye out on and around campus, and watch out for registration coming up soon. Games start after spring break.