Did you know?

100 Years Ago:
Feb. 22, 1911
The Gamma Kappa club advertised in The Tartan for a Prom-week house party the club was hosting. I wouldn’t recommend advertising a house party in The Tartan today, though, unless you want the University Police to attend.

50 Years Ago:
Feb. 22, 1961
Apparently, engineering and science graduates were 100 percent employed by the end of the previous summer, an outstanding number unless you look at the fine print. Those still unemployed by August were snapped up by Carnegie Mellon as janitors ­— at least, allegedly.

25 Years Ago:
Feb. 18, 1986
The most successful football coach in Carnegie Mellon history left to join University of Pittsburgh as an assistant head coach. He was replaced by Rich Lackner, the new “most successful coach,” who is now entering his fifth decade with Tartan football.

10 Years Ago:
Feb. 19, 2001
A Forum writer rants about what he and others call “cause heads” — people who take on a fight for some cause just for the point of yelling about something. I don’t see a need to constantly complain about something... oh wait, yes I do: every week in this section.

5 Years Ago:
Feb. 20, 2006
A Pillbox article discusses new trends in the auto world and says that your car can change both how you see yourself and how others see you. Well, if people judged me based on my car, they’d say I have a big trunk. I don’t quite know how to take that.

1 Year Ago:
Feb. 22, 2010
A Forum article urges students to participate in campus elections. It’s great, because any Carnegie Mellon student can vote. That’s good news for all us convicted felons out there who can’t vote in regular federal elections.