Women’s tennis team defeats Slippery Rock

Senior Jennifer Chui focuses as she hits a forehand. (credit: File Photo) Senior Jennifer Chui focuses as she hits a forehand. (credit: File Photo)

The Carnegie Mellon women’s tennis team continued its season this week with two new matches. The team emerged victorious against Slippery Rock University on Friday at the Oxford Club with an 8–1 win. On Saturday, California University of Pennsylvania hosted the women’s team at Glenn Creek Tennis Club, and the Tartans fell 8–1 against the Division I team. This puts the women’s team match record at 3–1.

During the doubles matches against the Rock, the No. 2 doubles team of senior Jennifer Chui and junior Cze-Ja Tam finished first against Jannelle Krantz and Lauren Coggins of Slippery Rock, 8–2. Juniors Laura Chen and Courtney Chin defeated Sarah Lynch and Duja Drmac 8–2, followed by the No. 3 duo of first-year Maddie Rabson and sophomore Alex Tapak, who beat Lizzy Yetiskul and Sam Bruggermen 8–3.

The Tartans continued their momentum into singles play, taking five of the six singles matches with brute force. Tam finished first against Krantz, 6–1, 6–3. Tam said, “We haven’t played for a couple months since our fall season, so it’s good that we play some [Division II] teams to practice different lineups and doubles strategies. There’s a big difference between practice and actual match play, so this is essential for us to get back into shape.”

At first singles, Chen defeated Sarah Lynch and exited the court second with a decisive score of 6–3, 6–1. “I think the match against Slippery Rock went well,” Chen said. “Courtney and I were able to play really well in our doubles match, and I just used that momentum in my singles match. I think that if the team continues to work hard in practice and gets used to playing matches on a regular basis again, then we will definitely have a good season.”

At No. 5 singles, Chui won her match against Slippery Rock’s Lauren Coggins, 6–3, 6–3. “Even though it’s the start of [the] season and we’re all a little bit rusty in match play, the team played really well in both singles and doubles,” Chui said. “Hopefully we can keep up this performance in the upcoming matches.”

At No. 6 singles, Rabson defeated Melissa McCutcheon, 6–1, 6–3.

At Saturday’s match, Carnegie Mellon lost to the California University of Pennsylvania, 8–1. Chen was able to win her match at No. 1 singles against Annabel Pieschl, 2–6, 6–4, 10–6. The Tartans’ next match will be in two weeks on Saturday, Feb. 26 at Kenyon College.

Editor’s note: Courtney Chin is SciTech editor for The Tartan. Alex Tapak is Sports editor for The Tartan.