Did you know?

100 Years Ago:
Feb. 16, 1911
The “Pertinent and Impertinent” section notifies readers that “Scotty” Henderson will attend Prom in “conventional attire.” Man, I wish the entire school cared about what I would be wearing to my next party. Hint: It’s not my birthday suit.

50 Years Ago:
Feb. 15, 1961
On page 4 of this week's paper, the entire page is filled with text. No pictures, just thousands of words. Aren't you glad we don't do that anymore?

25 Years Ago:
Feb. 11, 1986
The caption for a basketball photo this week read "Lack of fans at a recent basketball game." You'd think they could have thought of anything else to say. I mean, we think of some new combination of words each week.

10 Years Ago:
Feb. 12, 2001
A Forum writer accused the University of mishandling funds this week, to the detriment of students on campus. Really? An organization that charges $50,000 for 5,000 plus students couldn't figure out how to manage it? Color me shocked.

5 Years Ago:
Feb. 13, 2006
A Pillbox writer wonders whether the Carnegie Mellon sex culture will ever be seen as more than a “cold blooded eunuch.” Considering there’s a legend that Playboy once ranked Carnegie Mellon the ugliest school — no, no it won’t.

1 Year Ago:
Feb. 15, 2010
A Health Talk article explains the alcohol flush reaction, commonly known as “Asian glow.” While the disorder increases your odds of getting cancer a bit, it decreases the likelihood of becoming an alcoholic. Seems like a fair tradeoff.