Student Senate gives updates on initiatives

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We had a very busy and productive semester in Student Senate. We’ve completed several initiatives thus far and have many more projects underway. Senate has thus far allocated approximately $42,000 to 21 groups. Our funding has helped our Quidditch team go to the World Cup and has helped EMS update their equipment to better serve campus. We’ve also funded many campus events, including Bhangra in the Burgh, 12/2/11, the Asian Student Leadership Conference, and the AB Carnival Concert.

Senate Week, held in the first week of October, raised awareness of Senate, gave free food to the campus, and collected a significant amount of feedback, which we have been addressing this semester. We worked with Housing and Dining to improve lighting in upperclassmen apartments and placed magazines in the UC’s Kirr Commons for students to read. We helped implement a pilot for a new academic adviser scheduling system, which has been receiving positive feedback. We have also accomplished many small-scale changes, such as getting the water fountain in Skibo Gym repaired.

There are many ongoing projects. We are trying to expand the selection of textbooks on reserve in the library. We have a task force looking at biking issues on campus and are close to making it so first-years in all colleges can choose their Interpretation and Argument topic. We’re working to improve communication between the career center and advisers to help them work more effectively with one another and make sure our students are meeting employers’ demands.

To better communicate with campus we are launching the website This site will be catered to students and provide quick updates about our meetings and initiatives in a blog format as well as let students get to know their Senators better. The site will be launched at the start of next semester. During the winter, we are going to hand out hot chocolate and collect feedback on Fridays. Beginning next semester we will also be rolling out a new logo and distributing flyers with updates and feedback forms.

We have been working hard this semester and are in a good place to complete the initiatives that we have outlined here, along with more I didn’t have space to mention. As your representatives, we want to serve you as best as we possibly can and we appreciate your feedback. If you want more information about our initiatives or how to get involved, please email me at