Campus anticipates Mark Zuckerberg's first CMU appearance

Credit: Courtesy of World Economic Forum on flickr Credit: Courtesy of World Economic Forum on flickr

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will visit Carnegie Mellon for the first time this Tuesday.

Zuckerberg is currently on an East Coast college tour; in addition to Carnegie Mellon, he will be visiting MIT and Harvard University, the latter of which he attended from 2002 to 2004.

During his stay in Pittsburgh, Zuckerberg will meet with faculty and students and host a discussion with an invitation-only audience.

This lecture will also feature Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s vice president of engineering.

The audience will primarily consist of computer science and electrical and computer engineering students, but it will also include students with interests related to these fields and other topics at the core of Facebook’s business.

Though this will be Zuckerberg’s first visit to Carnegie Mellon’s campus, he and his colleagues at Facebook are well acquainted with the university, as the company is a major recruiter on campus at the fall Technical Opportunities Conference.

“We are very excited by the prospect of hosting a visit by Mark Zuckerberg,” said Randal E. Bryant, dean of the School of Computer Science, in a university press release. “Facebook has profoundly changed the nature of social interactions worldwide. Supporting these interactions requires massive information processing capabilities, for which Facebook has become a leader in advanced computing technology.”

The event will be held in Wiegand Gymnasium, with overflow in McConomy Auditorium. Seating is limited to 1,000. Last Thursday, Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, and staff registered for tickets online. Students reported that registration was open for less than half an hour before all tickets had been claimed.