Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 26, 1911

Carnegie Tech professors, organizing a faculty golf tournament, also challenge competitors from a corresponding student tournament to a final showdown. “The students should realize on this chance to enter active competition with the Faculty and make things interesting for the Dispensers of Knowledge,” The Tartan comments.

50 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 25, 1961

Theta Xi wins the Homecoming Displays competition when the fraternity’s depiction of a “mechanical brain” beats out competing displays on motor scooters and steam engines. Meanwhile, Delta Delta Delta and its cotton gin take first prize in the invention-themed Varsity Varieties dance.

25 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 28, 1986

The men’s cross country team marks its 80th consecutive win in a dual meet after besting Thiel College at home. Despite many runners having missed races due to illness throughout the season, the Tartans are looking forward to the conference championships — which they’re attempting to win for the seventh time in a row.

10 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 29, 2001

Midterm grades are released with a bonus: the first round of a three-semester pilot on plus/minus grading. Undergraduates, surprised by the change, aren’t fans of it. With Carnegie Mellon’s academic stress at a plus, they say, extra emphasis on letter grades is a big minus.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- Oct. 30, 2006

In honor of the newspaper’s centenary, The Tartan’s front page is given over to a dramatic photo of a 100-candle birthday cake. Inside, an article describes life at the paper through the ages, from dealing with typesetters and wax machines to running a fake restaurant review and almost getting expelled.

ONE YEAR AGO -- Oct. 25, 2010

Halloween-themed events happening around the city this week include imitations of dead entertainers (“Night of the Singing Dead”), a radio production of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, and a ghost tour of Mount Washington. With Oct. 31 falling on a Sunday, The Tartan urges readers to try trick-or-treating through the dorms.