Athlete Profile: Billy Littlefield is ready to do some damage

Billy Littlefield is a young cross country prospect for the men's team. (credit: Jessica Sochol/) Billy Littlefield is a young cross country prospect for the men's team. (credit: Jessica Sochol/)

Billy Littlefield started his first cross country season in the sixth grade back in 2002, but he did not really take running seriously until his sophomore year of high school. “All the other sports required too much maneuvering and coordination; I like the simplicity of running,” Littlefield said.

Littlefield is a materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering double major. After graduation, Littlefield is looking to take a year off before attending graduate school. During this time, he wants to do something interesting, such as hiking the Appalachian Trail or wandering around Europe.

Littlefield enjoys being on the cross country team for many reasons. “The team is a really goofy, enthusiastic, and friendly bunch of guys and girls,” he said.

Besides the team’s camaraderie, Littlefield finds that being on the cross country team helps him cope with school. “It’s nice to be able to put all my problem sets, midterms, and labs off to the side for a couple of hours each day and focus on something entirely different, especially with such a fun team,” he said. Littlefield looks forward to going to practice daily. “I’m continually glad I decided to keep running in college,” he said.

Littlefield is especially proud of his performance in the annual Carnegie Mellon Invitational, which is held in Schenley Park. “I ran [eight kilometers in] 26:37 and came in third for the team, which I was pretty pumped about.”

He was not only excited about his performance but also his teammates’ performances. “Knowing that I contributed to the team score [top five] is always exciting, and we had a great pack of guys all come in pretty close together, which bodes well for the future of the season,” Littlefield said.

Sometimes the cross country men like to have a little fun on their runs. “We occasionally like to puzzle other joggers or walkers when we pass them on the trail. [We’ll say] ‘Good morning!’ at 5 p.m., speed-walking by them at a 6:30 mile pace,” Littlefield said.

Littlefield has one goal for the rest of the 2011 cross country season: “To keep running the best that I can with this great group of guys, so that we can make it back to nationals and do some damage!”