Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 19, 1911

The Tartan’s editors weigh in on how to refer to their school, deciding that “Carnegie” is more distinctive than calling it “Tech,” which they say gets confused with other institutions. Now, for “Carnegie,” is that the university, the music hall, the library, the institute, the foundation, the financial company, or... what?

50 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 18, 1961

A recruiting ad in The Tartan for the Martin Company — now part of Lockheed Martin — cautiously begins, “If you have (or will have) your Ph.D. or master’s degree ... you may find that a move to Martin will be a move up in your career.” Grad students know never to count their diplomas before they’re given.

25 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 21, 1986

Horror-film director and Carnegie Mellon alumnus George Romero is set to give a public lecture in downtown Pittsburgh. Romero’s famous Night of the Living Dead and its sequels were shot in and around the city, providing inspiration now for more than four decades’ worth of zombie walks.

10 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 15, 2001

Previously banned from participating, Phi Kappa Theta successfully petitions to be re-included in Carnival 2002. The fraternity had also been evicted from its house on the Greek Quad for unspecified “lease and behavior violations” the previous fall. On appeal, Dean Michael Murphy decided that the “more onerous” housing loss was punishment enough.

FIVE YEARS AGO -- Oct. 16, 2006

A week after Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, The Tartan’s editorial page muses on the future of the site that, at the time, was serving 100 million videos per day. That future, five years later: bigger numbers. In 2011, YouTube is the third-most-visited site on the web, serving 2 billion videos to 30 percent of the world’s internet users each day.

ONE YEAR AGO -- Oct. 11, 2010

Despite their 3–1 start, Tartan columnist Jeremy King calls the Pittsburgh Steelers “overhyped and overrated” due to their weak defense and running game. Just don’t tell any of the fans — if they can’t riot for a Super Bowl win, a riot against treason is the next best thing.