Did You Know?

100 YEARS AGO — Oct. 12, 1911

The Tartan half-apologizes for an article on “The Virtues of Raisin Bread” that ran the previous week. The piece, which “takes up the kneading problem, in a very thorough manner,” was apparently inserted by the printers when the newspaper’s editors failed to supply enough copy for the issue.

50 YEARS AGO — Oct. 11, 1961

Trying to maintain enthusiasm among their younger peers, two Carnegie Tech honor societies offer the first-years a test on the school’s songs, cheers, traditions, and history. The results will also be used as the honor societies’ acceptance criteria. Carnegie Mellon students have always been academically focused, but perhaps this is a bit much.

25 YEARS AGO — Oct. 7, 1986

A Pittsburgh city ordinance leads Carnegie Mellon to upgrade fire alarms in its campus buildings. The new system includes information sharing from pull handles, smoke detectors, sprinklers, hoses, and fire doors across the university’s dorms and apartments. Morewood residents have been regretting that decision ever since.

10 YEARS AGO — Oct. 8, 2001

It’s apparently a loud fall on campus, as an article in The Tartan explains that Student Affairs has received an increased number of noise complaints recently. Among the offenders: a rally and teach-in following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and the Wats:on? Festival’s outdoor concert. WRCT DJs, who play music outside on Fridays, haven’t heard a peep.

FIVE YEARS AGO — Oct. 9, 2006

Fourth-year architecture student Benjamin Saks is honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. Saks had glanced out of a window the previous February and had seen a police officer wrestling alone with an escaped Florida drug dealer. Saks helped restrain the criminal, but not before getting shot in the hand.

ONE YEAR AGO — Oct. 11, 2010

Four weeks before the midterm elections, Glee star Matthew Morrison makes a quick trip to campus to speak in favor of Democratic candidates Dan Onorato and Joe Sestak. “As young Americans,” he said, “we can speak louder than any one individual voice.” He didn’t specify whether that voice should be Auto-Tuned or not, though.