Intramural sports: Basketball leagues

This week marked the opening of perhaps the biggest league of the year for intramural sports — basketball. With 52 men’s teams, seven women’s teams, and 10 co-rec teams, there are around 500 people participating this year.

The league is split into three main divisions: men’s, women’s, and co-rec (co-ed). The men’s division is further split between “competitive” play, which is similar to last year’s majors division, and “recreational,” which is similar to last year’s minors.

One modification for the co-rec divisions from last year concerns the scoring. Whereas men gain the usual two points for a field goal and three for a three-pointer, women earn three points for a field goal and four points for a three-pointer, so many games may see women earning twice as many points as the men do.

For all leagues, rules are becoming more aligned with college rules as opposed to high school rules. Along with that, scores and time are now displayed on the actual scoreboards.

Divisional play will conwtinue late into February and will be followed by playoffs.

If basketball is not your sport, check out squash and badminton, which start this week. Everyone who reaches the playoffs will earn points toward the All-Sports Championship, and those who win in their respective leagues will not only earn bonus points towards the championship, but will also win IM Champions T-shirts. The current leaders for the All-Sports Championships are Pi Kappa Alpha for the men’s division (267 points), Kappa Alpha Theta for women (174), and the Hoopers for co-rec teams (142).